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Blake Jones:

Blake is a native of Devine, Texas. Around the age of 14 Blake's interest in leather work was sparked when he obtained a Tandy leather kit. He began doing leather work for a living in Pearsall, Texas in the 1980's. A few years later, he and his family decided to move to Harper in the Texas Hill Country. He was hired to design leather luggage for Jeep Collins in nearby Fredericksburg, Texas.

In addition to doing leather design work for Jeep Collins and Collins of Texas, his real fascination with leather work at this point in time was boots. So, some time later, he sought counsel from the bible of boots, "The Cowboy Boot Book" which showcases boots and their makers. Jones learned Jack Reed, one of Texas best boot men, lived in Burnet, some two hours away from Harper.

Reed agreed to teach Jones who spent 52 hours at Reed's shop. For his efforts, Jones and a pair of his boots was featured in "The Art of the Boot", a sequel to "The Cowboy Boot Book". He opened his own boot shop in Harper and began making custom boots using elephant, shark, crocodile and other exotics in addition to the ostrich loved by many Texans. His starting price was $1,000 per pair and before long there was a waiting list to obtain a pair of Blake Jones custom made boots. 

As time went on, despite his love for making custom boots, he decided to branch out and become a custom designer of luggage and bags for resale to retailers. Over the years since, he has built a design business that caters to some very well known clients in the retail trade that sell Blake's designs under their own brand names. Some of these names are quite famous.

After thirty years as a craftsman, designing everything from $1,000 boots to the finest leather luggage money can buy for others, the time to sell Blake Jones branded luggage direct has arrived.  Now, for the first time, Blake Jones collections are being offered to retailers across the USA. Manufacturing of these products is now underway at a new 5,000 square foot facility in South Texas devoted exclusively to Blake Jones products. 





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